Best beaches of Valencia

This coastal city has many beaches to choose from ‘a la carte’, depending on what you're looking for, from an endless number and, provides a perfect holiday venue.

If anything in Valencia could be boasted about, it’s the beaches. With miles of coastline in perfect condition and with its worthy blue flags, and including its enviable Mediterranean climate and some of the best gastronomy of the country, this city is, without doubt, a must-see.

Among the beaches of Valencia, the Albufera Natural Park area is ideal if what you’re looking for is relaxation and tranquillity. Here you will find La Devesa, a beach surrounded by sand dunes, helping you disconnect in a relaxing ambiance, far from the urban noise, despite being only 10 km from the centre of Valencia.

La Devesa, together with the El Saler beach create the link that separates the sea from La Albufera, a boundary that forms the closing of the gulf which exists between Valencia and the present Cullera. At one end you’ll find a beautiful and quite beach with nearly five kilometres of fine golden sand. A beach surrounded by nature, where the enormous sand dunes, the sea and the vegetation of the Albufera are the main attractions.

albufera and el saler

Albufera & El Saler

So far so good, but if you’re looking for party and fun, you needn’t think twice. The Malvarrosa beach is your best option. It’s busy promenade makes this an ideal place for recreation, perfect for getting that sun tan, eating well, and enjoying everything that you can find at this fun and popular urban beach.

The neighborhood of the same name, which is close to this beach was, many years ago, a series of marshes, acquired then by a Frenchman called Félix Robillard. This French botanist and gardener started a great change in the region, draining the marshes and planting distinct types of flowers, including a type of geranium “geranio odoratissimum” which was named by this gardener “Malva-Rosa”.

Little by little the wealthy of the zone started to visit this coastal area, as a place to relax. This favorite of the rich started to displace the fishing boats which had until then been connected with the area. And with the passing of time, it became famous and prestigious. It was the famous Valencian writer Blasco Ibanez who was one the pioneers to construct a chalet by the beach here.

Nevertheless, in the following years the reputation of the beach changed markedly, due to the construction of hospitals for the severely ill, converting it into a less popular place where few people went.

Thanks to the construction of a maritime promenade the Malvarrosa Beach has returned to shine as a place for leisure, as it had been before, a beach so well-known and so busy for locals and tourists.

The neighboring beach to the Malvarrosa, to the north, is La Patacona, which is less touristic but with good services. Here you can enjoy the best horchata from Valencia.

Malvarrosa El Arenal Beach

Malvarrosa & Las Arenas Beach

The beach of Las Arenas is the closest to the city. It’s a busy beach in the capital with a wide avenue, many restaurants and bars making your visit to the beach a great option for all the family, including the little ones.

The name of this famous beach has its origin in the old spa resort Las Arenas which strangely resembled the Greek temples. Presently, this building has been reconstructed and converted into a five-star hotel ‘Hotel Las Arenas’.

Being close to the city, with its great variety of restaurants along its length or for the optimum conditions that it offers, Las Arenas beach is for many, one of the best beaches of Valencia

Hotel Balneario Las Arenas Valencia

Hotel Balneario Las Arenas Valencia

Also accompanied by the Albufera we find the beach of La Garrofera, with an ambiance similar to its neighbors, La Devesa and El Saler. This inhospitable beach has a nudist beach, and is equal to the neighboring beaches, an ideal place to relax in the warm water.

In the space protected by the Albufera to the South, and connected to the mouth of the river Turia to the north, the beach of La Pinedo also provides a large esplanade where you can find beach bars -‘chiringuitos’, bar terraces and restaurants that offer a great variety of Valencian gastronomy. This beach, surrounded by rice fields, is a typical enclave of the region.

To the south of Valencia and adjoining the beach of La Devesa, is the Recatí beach, which also belongs to the nature reserve of La Albufera. This semi urban beach is calm and quiet and borders a residential zone, ‘El Perellonet’, behind which, there is a large area of rice fields offering majestic views, meanwhile taking a walk in the region. With its great lengths and 45 metres width, it is an ideal beach for practicing distinct sporting activities such as surfing or kite surfing.

Recati Beach

Recati Beach

Another reason for visiting Recati beach is its variety of fresh fish which you may enjoy on the beach front, where you can find restaurants offering very typical regional dishes, among which, some of the best Valencian rice dishes stand out.
As you can see, many of the beautiful beaches of Valencia are within the city limits, making this metropolis a region that offers the tourist much of great variety and quality.

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