Scuba diving in Valencia

The East Coast of Spain lies on the Mediterranean coast and offers divers the opportunity to explore a huge variety of dive sites. I discovered this during my time living in Valencia after I met Adrian (Diving Valencia) who was my source of all information regarding the scuba diving in the region. I arrived in Valencia with no kit but Adrian helped me find equipment to rent and eventually I bought my own kit after following his expert knowledge of brands and local stockists. He truly is a knowledgeable guy with bags of experience and a passion for scuba diving as well as excellent English. The car journeys to Javea will always be remembered for the conversations and excited ramblings about what the dive ahead may throw up!



I have been a PADI diver for ten years and have dived in countries such as Egypt and Thailand where the diving is considered to be some of the best available. However, it is certain that the diving in Spain is underrated and seems to be ignored by many of the diving community. The coasts around Valencia are full of dive sites and in reality I have only scratched the surface of what is available here. I wish I had met Adrian earlier so I could have done more exploring. Alternatively, I also wish I could have stayed in Valencia for another year to continue the adventures and discover more dive sites. I had to return to England to complete my degree but I am certain that when I am done I will return to Valencia with my kit to get back in the Mediterranean and build on my experiences.

The diving was spectacular and I have some of my best memories diving at Cala Granadella and exploring the underwater meadows of sea-grass to observe the marine organisms that call it home. The surrounding beach and cliffs at Cala Grenadella are rugged and unspoiled and offer the perfect place to relax between dives.


Grouper watching over his territory.

The marine reserve Fresquito at Las Rotas was also a thoroughly enjoyable dive site where the diversity in marine life makes it an area that constantly offers opportunities to see new things. It is also clear evidence that the marine reserves are working and that the Spanish government must protect more of this precious coastline. At first it may seem a nuisance to get the license to dive here but I guarantee that you will forget about the effort as the reward of having a nature reserve full of life is certainly great enough. It is reassuring to see that there are people who care for the marine environment and that it is treated with a level of respect.

If you are a diver who is seeking a warm climate with friendly people and great food then Valencia would be a superb choice of holiday destination. Get in touch with Adrian (Diving Valencia) and come and explore it for yourself!

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