Valencia – The best Erasmus city

If you have studied in Valencia I am sure you will agree with this post and if you have not then you probably should visit Valencia to see what it is all about. If cheap beer/sangria, warm weather, great beach, great food, friendly people and more culture than you can absorb in a year is not enough then I don’t know what is. Sure, I had friends who studied in Paris and it was incredible but when I went to visit I soon got fed up of paying over €5 for each beer!


Valencia – Plaza de la Reina

When I first arrived in Valencia I had no idea what to expect. I literally turned up with one week in a hotel to find somewhere to live for the year and if I didn’t find anywhere then it would have been more time spent in the hotel. I would definitely recommend having a look online before you go to try and find somewhere, I accept that I left it a bit late and found myself stressing. Although I did find that by throwing myself into the deep end and relying on the good will of the Valencian people I learned a lot about the city and the culture in this first week. It is also surprising how many Erasmus students there are in the city who are all in the same boat so you should never feel alone.


When you first move to Valencia you will probably find that Erasmus groups on Facebook and will give you plenty of plans to get you into exploring the city and beyond. One piece of advice I will give is that you have an idea of something you want to do then book it and get it done. Your Erasmus time is limited and you will soon find yourself on the plane home regretting not taking some opportunities! By being adventurous not only will you experience new things but you will also meet new people who will most likely remain friends throughout your stay and beyond. I still speak to many of the people I met during my year in Valencia.

Valencia beach

The best part about Valencia is that nothing is further than a short Valenbisi ride away. One of the first things I recommend is paying for your Valenbisi subscription and going for a ride around the city to see what you can find. If you are ever lost or need help with finding somewhere the Valencian people are some of the friendliest and will always help. It truly is a welcoming city where you can enjoy some of the best months of your life. If you find yourself wanting to travel a little further afield the transport network is also cheap and easy to use. The trains mean you can travel along the coast and if you have any plans for visiting other cities then check out blablacar, as there are always people heading to Madrid and Barcelona and it is the cheapest way to get around and maybe meet a new friend on the way.
I am sure that if you are going to Valencia you will end up in Umbracle, Plaza del Carmen and probably Russafa making the most of the energetic nightlife and making new friends. La Malvarrosa beach has got to be one of the best places to recover from a hangover so make the most of it!

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