Valencia’s public transportation

Valencia's public transportation system is world-class. Combining a spotless below-ground metro system (directly from the airport!) with above-ground light-rail trams, buses and a huge array of dedicated bike lanes, traveling around Valencia is easy, economical and pleasant.

Valencia’s public transportation system is world-class.


Valencia’s metro system combines seamlessly with the tram system, accepting a single payment for 90 minutes of travel. Tickets can be purchased at the many kiosks located at all stations, in multiple languages, accepting both cash and cards. Discounts of 10 trips (abonos) can also be bought for discounted travel over 50%, for example, reducing a standard 1.50 euro fare to 72 cents per journey. If switching from Metro to Tramvia or in reverse, your ticket will still be valid. Valencia’s underground system is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get around the city. It is a comfortable way to travel in the summer as there is air conditioning in the carriages as well as classical music to soothe the soul!
There will be parts of Valencia that you cannot reach by Metro. For these occasions there is generally a tram that takes its place. If you buy one of Valencia’s combined ticket options that also cover buses and the Metro, you will also be able to cross the city quickly and comfortably.

Metro Valencia Map - Valencia's public transportation

Metro Valencia Map – Points of interest

Another option for long-term residents, and easier than an abono, is a TuIN card which provides automatic abono-priced fares for all zones at anytime. The TuiN card is a smart, single travel card for travel throughout the Metrovalencia network with additional promotional advantages as well. To acquire a Tuin Card, you must have a personalized FGV card, which can be applied for at Metrovalencia Customer Service Centers and Customer Service Kiosks.


Valencia Tourist Card

If you are only visiting for a short period of time, the Valencia Tourist Card is a discount card that is perfectly suited for tourists in Valencia. Once you have purchased the card from you are entitled to free public transport on all systems, plus discounts for museums, leisure activities, restaurants and shops in Valencia. There are Valencia cards available for a variety of times: 24 hour card: €15.00, 48 hour card, €20.00, 72 hour card: €25.00. Valencia Tourist Cards can be purchased online and delivered to your home (12,00€), your hotel (3,40€) or collected from any Tourist Information Offices.

Valencia Tourist Card - Valencia's public transportation


Taking buses around Valencia offers you the opportunity to get around the city while seeing the sights as you travel. Remember that when you are taking the bus you will need to be reasonably independent – you will not necessarily know when you need to get off the bus so it can be a little more intimidating than catching the Metro.

Bus ticket price: single journey: €1.50


EMT Valencia - Valencia's public transportation

EMT Valencia


Valencia has an extensive and well-run ride share system, with thousands of bikes available from hundreds of pickup/drop-off points throughout the city. Activation codes can be purchased at about half of all use points (card only) or online. After purchasing, you will receive your ticket number and PIN code. Keep these codes which are necessary to rent your Valenbisi each time. The first 30 minutes of travel is free. If you overpass this time, you will be debited on your credit card following this price list: 1st supplementary half-hour: 1.04 euros, for each supplementary hour: 2.08 euros Valenbisi makes an excellent tourist experience as the city is covered with separate bike lanes which allow for safe and hassle-free cycling.

Valenbisi - Valencia's public transportation


Valencia is flat and thus makes a perfect venue to explore by bicycle. As well the Turia River-park is an 8 kilometer artery for pedestrians and cyclists that is a must-see for any visitor, connecting the Bioparc in the north to the Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias in the south.

Valencia’s public transportation is one of the best in Spain.

Valencia is a must-see tourist destination with a modern and comfortable public transportation system. There are night buses servicing all major routes and both train and Metro services to the periphery, nearby towns and beyond. High-speed rail lines to Madrid and Barcelona run frequently, but book in advance the best deals. Whether you are walking, biking, hailing taxis or enjoying the use of Valencia’s fantastic public transport system, the visitor will be assured of quick and friendly traveling so that you can make the most of your time.

  1. Jeannette Solts says:

    Hi. Wondered if you can help. Have been googling easiest way to get from the Valencia beach to the royal gardens and it is telling me to take the number 6 light railway. Is this a tram? Can you use a T1 card to travel on it?

    • Hello Jeannette,

      Probably you are talking about touristic card, if it covers metro than you can take the light railway as well. Taking the metro from the beach to royal gardens it’s pretty simple, just jump off at Alameda metro station and then walk 100 meters.

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